• Why the Anti-GMO Community thinks T. Matthew Phillips is a Whackadoodle

      This is the history of the two years of harassment propagated and orchestrated by T. Matthew Phillips (a.k.a Todd Phillips, a.k.a. Matthew Phillips).  Since he has now moved on to attacking all of the major players in the anti-gmo fight (Tami Canal of March Against Monsanto, Zen Honeycutt of

  • GMO Legislation That We Refused

      For the complete story on this legislation, please visit: GMO Labeling Law We Refused: GMO Label Law (Apr.4.2014) Rob, what are these called for proper titles? GMO_FREE_VEGAS__ordinance_.4.0 For the record, Angie did NOT want her name associated with this. If you know anything about her you know that she would never