This is the Corn and Currency Revolt Video.  The first half is a celebration of everything GMO Free Vegas had done up to that point, and the second half is a call to action.  We asked for people to boycott corn in an effort to get our neighbors to start looking at ingredients.  This made many of our family and friends notice how many things actually contained some sort of corn.  We also called for everyone to send $1 to their congressional representatives to ask to buy back their vote in reaction to the Monsanto Protection Act.

Death by TPP is a video series we put together to raise awareness about the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

March Against Monsanto – Is It Worth It?

Occupy GMO” is a 10min short film featuring an amazing team of activist/organizers from GMO-free Las Vegas protesting at the October 2013 March Against Monsanto. Monsanto is the largest biotech corporation seed developer in the world that is genetically modifying organisms (GMO) without adequately monitoring to ensure public safety. It has been modifying our seed genetics for over 30yrs. The billion-dollar corporation is benefiting directly from the legislature as it destroys our environment, health, and economy.  A Veronica Robledo Film.

Occupy GMO Video Link

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STOP the DARK Act was a call to action to get other organizations to help spread awareness about the DARK Act.

STOP the DARK Act Video Link

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March Against Monsanto 2015 is an account of everything your local food sovereignty fighters and international groups have done since the first March Against Monsanto, and the media, corporate and pop culture reaction has been.